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This Item needs No Explanation and it is a Great Idea.

Why spend money or fill up the garbage can if you don’t have to?


Make Cloth Napkins from Vintage Linens


1. Sheets 
2. Wash and dry them. 
3. Determine how many napkins you want to make. 
4. Cut 15"x15" squares from your front fabric and from your back fabric.
5. Put one front and one back together, right sides facing. Start in the middle of a side, stitch and then backstitch. Then continue to stitch around the square. Stop sewing about two inches from where you started. Backstitch. 
6. Using the opening, turn napkin right-side out. 
7. Iron, tucking the flaps from the opening under.
8. Topstitch. 
9. Iron again. 
10. Admire.



1. Cut center out of chair seat so pot can rest on the frame.

2. Spray paint chair and pot.

3. Plant large pot (we used a 12-inch clay pot plus smaller potted plants for the ladder part of the chair) filled with yellow sweet potato vine, red verbena, 'Tango Neon' purple geranium, Calibrachoa 'Dreamsickle,' Supertunia 'Royal Velvet' and premium potting soil






Turn tank top inside out. Sew across the bottom. Turn right side out. You now have a Tote Bag.



Repurposed Wood Crates






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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